Warrants & Arrest Documents

Daily Reports are updated Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

  • Arraignments- Contains those inmates scheduled for arraignments for the current day. This list is subject to change by the courts and will not reflect their changes.
  • Arrest/Release- Contains individuals arrested and booked by all law enforcement agencies in Twin Falls County, individuals sentenced to jail time by the courts, and individuals booked and released on new or pending charges. The document also contains release from the facility.
  • In custody headcount/Temporarily out of Custody- This report reflects persons currently incarcerated in the Twin Falls County Jail and those inmates housed in other jurisdictions to prevent overcrowding and inmates in treatment programs for the date listed at the top of the document.
  • This report contains a current listing of active Twin Falls County Warrants. The warrant list may not reflect warrants that have been served that day, on the weekend, or warrants that have been withdrawn by the courts. This list is for information only. If the whereabouts of an individual on this list is believed to be known, notify the proper law enforcement agency, or to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at (208)732-5387.