Office Overview


The Administrative Services Division is commanded by Captain Douglas Sugden and oversees a multitude of support services, handled by civilian employees, as well as some law enforcement functions. Criminal and Civil Records handles data entry for reports from patrol and investigation, issuance of subpoenas, garnishments, and all manner of paper service processing. A training coodinator keeps track of yearly and special training for the Sheriff’s Office. The Supply and Fleet section ensures Deputies have the proper equipment and our vehicles our properly functioning and supplied including fuel.

The Administrative Services Division also handles the Victim Coordinator/Public Information Officer and Driver’s License. The Victim Coordinator/P.I.O. handles interactions with victims and media, to include news releases. The Driver’s License section office handles several functions. They test for and issue driver’s licenses, and issue ID cards including government agency ID cards and car sales ID cards. The Driver’s License section also has the office for issuing concealed weapons licenses and registration, monitoring of sex offenders, and fingerprinting.

Law Enforcement Service

The Law Enforcement Services Division is  commanded by Captain Scott Bishop and oversees all standard law enforcement functions including Patrol, Investigations, and Crisis Response. The Patrol section enforces state traffic laws and county ordinances while also responding the calls for service by the community. The Patrol section has to cover 1,957 square miles of varying terrain requiring it to have several facets itself. Urban patrol, including Traffic and K9, covers the roads and highways of our county. Urban patrol also has Code Enforcement, specializing in County Code enforcement, and Animal Control.

Rural patrol covers the mountain and range areas of our county and oversees the group of volunteers for Search & Rescue. Rural patrol also oversees Marine Patrol for all the waterways of Twin Falls County. The Investigations section handles complex misdemeanor and felony investigations and works closely with patrol to gather and disseminate intelligence information. Investigations also oversee Evidence which handles collection and storage of those items. Another section overseen by the Patrol section is Crisis Response. This is actually two teams: The Crisis Response Team (commonly called SWAT) and the Crisis Negotiator Team (Hostage situation team). The two teams, comprised of both Law Enforcement and Security Services personnel, are highly trained and handle a variety of complex situations which require specialized training.

Security Service

The Security Services Division is commanded by Captain Doug Hughes and oversees all security functions to include the Twin Falls County Adult Detention Facility, Court Security, Detention Records, and the Warrants section. The Adult Detention Facility is manned by Deputies 24/7 and maintains the security, custody, discipline, supervision, and welfare of those incarcerated. This includes intake/booking new inmates, feeding, clothing, medical care, mail, visiting, and exercise to name a few. The Court Security section has the primary duty to protect the integrity and sanctity of the court process by keeping peace in the courts.

Court Security deputies help maintain the security, safety and welfare of the court staff and citizens. Court Security escorts inmates from the jail to court and escorts those sentenced to incarceration to the jail. Detention records maintain all files for those who are or have been incarcerated. The Warrants section maintains and processes all warrants for wanted individuals and protection/no contact orders for Twin Falls County. The Warrants section also enters warrants and orders, and concealed weapons license information into state the data base system.