Inmate Information

Inmate Information and Services

Telephone Usage: Telephones are available between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Hearing impaired phones available for those who need them in certain cell blocks. Telephone calls will be limited to 20 minutes in length to provide telephone access to all inmates assigned to each housing unit. All telephone calls are outgoing only. The staff of our Adult Detention Facility will not transfer incoming telephone calls and emergency messages will only be passed if they can be confirmed and verified. All facility phones, to include the video visitation, are monitored and/or recorded.


Incoming mail will be delivered Monday through Friday each week, with the exceptions of holidays. All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to search and will have both parties’ names and addresses on them. Legal mail will be opened and searched in the presence of the inmate. Cards must be single-ply, basic cards containing no glitter, stickers or other additions to the surface of the card. Photos must be standard 4×6 size and printed on photo paper. Pictures printed on computer paper will not be permitted. Pages out of a coloring book or regular paper with or without crayon/marker/colored pencil/Gel Pens will not be permitted. Letters must be written on basic white computer paper or white/yellow lined notebook paper.

  • No special papers permitted. (construction paper, stationary, tissue paper etc.)
  • Blank paper, envelopes and stamps are not permitted.
  • Newspaper and/or magazine clippings will not be permitted.
  • No books of any sort (unless a religious book previously approved by jail administration).

**All inmates will be held responsible for paying return postage on packages which violate any of these standards**

To send mail to an inmate, send to:

Inmate’s Name
James R. Munn Adult Detention Facility
P. O. Box 306
Twin Falls, ID 83303-0306

All incoming mail will be permitted excluding the following:

  1. Items that are illegal or violate U. S. Postal Laws.
  2. Items that advocate or describe the killing of law enforcement personnel, facility disorder or escape.
  3. Items that contain contraband.
  4. Packages unless clearly marked “Legal Mail”. (Which will be subject to search.)
  5. Letters from other incarcerated inmates. (Unless approved prior by our Jail Administration.)
  6. All other items not approved by the facility administration.

Visitation of inmates

Video Visitation- A minimum of two thirty (30) minute free visits each week from adult persons who are not currently incarcerated. The individuals that wish to visit must set up an account with the Telmate Company providing Video Visitation. Juvenile persons may visit, but only if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult. Visiting can also be done off site through video visiting. Religious leader may visit at any reasonable time upon an inmate’s written request. There are no restrictions to the number of attorney or religious visits or their duration with exception of the established, meal, medication and visiting hours or during a declared facility emergency. VISITING DAYS AND HOURS ARE: Monday through Sunday From 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a. m. and from 12:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. each day. The breaks between visiting hours represent necessary inmate lockdown times for meals and medication.

Any questions or issues with visitation can be resolved on the following website:


You may also contact Global Tel Link customer service at: 866-516-0115

Money to inmates

Currency through the kiosk in the jail lobby is accepted anytime. Our Facility will not accept personal checks. If you wish to deposit funds to an inmate, only the following currency will be accepted: Cash or Credit Card at the Kiosk in the lobby. Transactions can also take place on the Telmate Website.

Any questions or issues with deposits can be resolved on the following website:


You may also contact Global Tel Link customer service at: 866-516-0115

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Sexual abuse and sexual harassment seriously hampers the mission of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office ability to provide a safe and secure environment for Adult Detention Center inmates and staff.  The Adult Detention Center endeavors to comply with training standards in accordance with the Federal PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) rule. The Adult Detention Center has zero tolerance with regard to sexual abuse and sexual harassment in this facility and will take appropriate affirmative measures to protect all inmates from sexual abuse and harassment and to promptly and thoroughly investigate all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

The Twin Falls County Adult Detention Center has developed policy and procedures to reduce the risk of in-custody sexual assaults and will ensure that an investigation is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. All allegations of sexual abuse that have a criminal element will be referred to the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office or an outside agency for investigation.

If you were a victim or if you suspect abuse has happened in this facility, you are urged to call the Detention Center administration at 208-735-4302 and ask to speak to a supervisor. Reports may also be made in writing, anonymously and from third parties. Report anonymously, if you want, to an outside agency by calling Voices Against Violence at 208-733-0100.

Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Center