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The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Jail Work Release Program is designed to permit a person sentenced to a term of incarceration, the opportunity to continue employment in the Twin Falls County Community during the period of incarceration. In order to qualify, the inmate must meet the classification standards to be in the program, and the request for work release must be approved by the sentencing courts. The courts and the jail administration will make contact with the employer and verify that the requesting person for the work program has a valid job before being released for work from the jail.


The following is a general overview of Terms and Conditions of the work release program, and more terms and conditions will apply to those individuals on work release.  Rules and conditions are absolutely necessary for the continuation of our Work Release Program. Any violation of the terms and /or conditions of our Work Release Program will result in AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION of said person’s work release privilege.

Our Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Adult Detention Facility cost for applicants’ room and board will be at the rate of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per day. Any inmate placed on our Work Release program from another county will be required to pay forty dollars($40.00) a day for outside prisoner board and work release program cost. Out of county inmates are required to pay full amount of program at booking.

Inmates placed on our Work Release Program, will be required to pay one (1) week in advance, $175, prior to being placed on our program and must pay every two (2) weeks thereafter. All monies owed for work release must be paid in full prior to being released from custody, unless other arrangements are made with our Adult Detention Administration.

Inmates confined in our Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Adult Detention Facility by any court, whether for contempt or upon sentence of conviction for any public offense, must be actually confined in the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Adult Detention Facility whenever the prisoner is not between the hours or periods of his employment, unless otherwise directed by the court.

No work release inmate shall work outside of a thirty-five (35) mile radius of our Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office during his/her incarceration.

An inmate’s job shall consist of at least a forty (40) hour week, and may exceed 40 hours upon approval of our Adult Detention Administration. Work release inmates will not be allowed to work 7 days per week, they must have at least one day off. Work Release Inmates have to have legitimate full time employment. In the case of self employment the inmate will be required to provide proof of their business. Temp agency employment will not qualify as employment.

Work release inmates will not possess nor consume any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance at any time and will submit to an intoximeter, chemical, urinalysis, or blood test, to assure compliance with the rules whenever requested to do so by a representative of the courts or our Adult Detention Deputies. The work release inmate will be charged four (4) dollars for every positive test.

Work release inmates will be required to carry Form TFCSCJF 31-4 (Travel Permit) when at work or away from our facility. This form shall be issued by our facility when the work release agreement is signed and accepted.

Other rules and regulations may apply and will be discussed upon approval.



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