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Visitation Rules & Information:

Inmates may receive two (2) thirty (30) minute visits each week from adults of their choice. You may schedule additional visits or a longer visit appointment for a fee.*

PLEASE NOTE: Picture ID is required for all visitors. 

Juveniles may visit, but only if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult. Depending on facility staffing and time constraints, visiting time may vary. All visits will be non-contact video visits. Inmates may visit with two (2) persons at one time and have the right to refuse to see any visitor. Visitation between two incarcerated persons will not be allowed unless approved through administration.

You must schedule you visit ahead of time either through the kiosk in our lobby or over the internet at

Visit Cancellation Policy: 

If you cannot make a scheduled visit, you MUST cancel your visit on the Telmate website or via the lobby kiosk. 

If you miss your visit appointment without canceling it, any fee you paid will not be refunded. 

If you cancel your visit through the website or kiosk any fee you paid will be refunded to the inmate’s phone account. 

Visitation Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 8:00am - 11:00am

      12:30pm - 4:00pm

      6:00pm - 10:00pm  (with the last appointment beginning at 9:30pm)

Additional Visitation Info: 

Inmates may receive visits from their religious leader at any reasonable time upon an inmate’s written request. We may allow a contact visit between inmates and their religious leader for ritual for laying on of hands, if approved by the facility administrator. 

Inmates may receive contact visits from their attorney or legal counsel as necessary.  

There are no restrictions to the number of attorney or religious visits inmates may have or their duration, with the exception of the established, meal, medication, and visiting hours or during a declared facility emergency.

If you have any questions please call the Jail at (208)734-9090.

IMPORTANT: If inmates are assigned to Administrative or Disciplinary Segregation they will be permitted to visit unless they are a danger to others, or restrictive sanctions have been imposed.

*For fee information, please reference the website listed above.


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