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Can sex offenders be around children?
Yes and no. There is no law prohibiting sex offenders from being around children. Some offenders do have children. However, the law does state that sex offenders must not live or loiter within 500 feet from a school. If their residence was established prior to July 1, 2006, the residence law does not apply. Also, other exceptions to that rule are located in Idaho Code 18-8329. Some offenders are on probation or parole. Those persons may have rules designated by their Probation Officer and/or the Department of Probation and Parole regulating their contact with children.

Are sex offenders required to tell people in their neighborhoods that they are sex offenders?
No. That infomation is available through the web or by calling your local Sheriff's Office sex offender registration section. However, the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office provides a notification by email service at NO CHARGE for people living in Twin Falls County. Simply click on "Sex Offender" on the main menu, then "Get Email Alerts" on the next page. Follow the registration process, and you will be immediately notified when an offender moves within one(1) mile of your residence. Information from the email notification registration process is NOT distributed in any way.

If I have a question about an offender in Twin Falls County, is their someone I can call?
Yes. SSgt. Doug Sugden at the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office would be the contact person for Twin Falls County. His direct line number is (208)736-4065.

Can a person get in trouble for misuse of information about offenders gotten off the website?
Yes. Misuse of information or harrassment is a crime and punishable by jail and/or a fine.

Are addresses for sex offenders physically checked in Twin Falls County?
Yes. Along with annual or quarterly registration, letters from the Idaho State Central Registry are sent out every four months. Also, address verifications are performed by the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office periodically, after address changes, and for new registrants.