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How do I get a copy of driving record?
Present your I.D. and $4.00 cash at the Driver’s License counter at the D.M.V. to get a copy of your driving record. Large companies doing multiple driver’s checks need to call Driver’s License in advance.

I’m suspended and need a restricted driving permit, what do I need to do?
We do not issue or work with restricted permits. You can ask for one while in court and see if the Judge will grant your request or contact Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) in Boise to see if you qualify for one. ITD’s telephone number in Boise is; 208-334-8735.

I want to apply for an Idaho Drivers License or Identification Card, but my English is limited, what should I do?
If you need have something issued to you, but you may have problems with communicating in English, speaking and/or reading and writing, you may want to bring someone with you to translate, who is proficient in both English and your Language. When you make application, we have mandatory paperwork in English that needs to be filled out, and if you were to answer some questions incorrect, it could result in a cancellation and/or legal action. Your Translator will need to be over the age of 18 with legal identification. If you are unable to provide a Translator, an arrangement with Idaho Transportation Department to provide one for you is available. Contact our office for information regarding testing in other languages

What are your hours of operations?
We are open from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday except holidays.

I have just moved to the state, how long do I have to apply for an Idaho Drivers License?
In Idaho you have up to 90 days to apply and purchase a Class D Idaho Drivers License. Commercial Drivers who hold a Class A, B, or C have up to 30 days. You can continue to drive on last license up to the noted limits if it is current, valid, and in your possession.

What will I have to do to get an Idaho Drivers License?
You will have to provide acceptable ‘Proof of Residency in Idaho’, using one or more of the following: an Idaho Utility Bill (issued to you within the last 90 days), your lease or rental agreement, you or your child’s school enrollment verification papers issued by the school, or employment paycheck stub. We are unable to accept ‘home ownership’ papers or ‘car registration’ paperwork. Please ask for other options. You will also have to pass the Idaho Class D (regular driver license) written test, which is $3.00, payable in cash only. If you need a motorcycle endorsement, you will need to pass the required tests. Once you have passed the required written (and possibly road tests), you can purchase your driver license.

I have moved to Idaho and have lost my Drivers License, what do I need to do?
You will have to basically provide all the required documents needed as a first time applicant. You will need to provide your ‘Certified’ copies of your legal documents; no photocopies or notarized statements can be accepted.

I don’t have any of the things you ask for to show ‘proof of residency’ since I am living with someone and everything is in their name, what sho
Have that person come in with you and have them bring their Idaho Driver License or Idaho Identification Card along with their ‘proof of residency’ as listed.

Why do I have to take a test and what happens if I fail the test?
All new residents and new licensees are required to pass the Idaho Class D written test per Idaho Code 49-313. In addition, an applicant may be required to pass additional endorsement tests as needed by the applicant. If you should fail a test, you will be required to wait a minimum 3 days to repay your testing fee(s) and retest.

I am under 18 and want to apply for a driver’s license, what do I need?
You are subject to the same requirements that adults are required to follow. In addition you will also have to provide the following; your Certified Birth Certificate from the State you were born in, stating parent’s name(s), your Legal Parent (or Guardian with legal documentation) with legal pictured identification, verification of Compliance document, verifying your school attendance or H.S. Diploma, Acceptable proof of passing an approved driver training course for ages 15 or 16.

My license is expired. Will I have to take a test?
If you are expired less that one year, you will not have to take a written test, however, you do not have any driving privileges and should not drive. If you are expired over one year, you will have to pass a written and road test.

I am out of the state of Idaho and my license is expired or expiring, what should I do?
You need to contact Idaho Transportation Department and see what they can do for you. Their number is 208-334-8735.

I have lost my license, what should I do?
Contact your local Sheriff’s Office, Drivers License Unit to see what you will need to be reissued.

I am out of the State of Idaho and have lost my license, what should I do?
You will need to contact Idaho Transportation Department and see if they can help you. Each case is different and the State handles that situation. Their number is 208-334-8735.

I need to contact ITD in Boise. Do they have an 800 telephone number?
No, ITD does not offer an 800 number, but here are the following numbers for your convenience: General telephone number: 208-334-8735 Restricted Driving Permits: 208-334-8735 ext. 1 Suspension-Invalid-Reinstatement information: 208-334-8735 ext. 1 Commercial Driver License (CDL) Information: 208-334-8294 Medical Desk: 208-334-8790

My Idaho License is Suspended, what do I need to do?
You will need to contact Idaho Transportation Department in Boise regarding any questions to your Suspension. This includes any information regarding reinstatement fees, SR22 requirements, eligibility dates, etc. Their number is 208-334-8735 ext. 1