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How many garnishments can I have at a time?
You can only have one garnishment at a time unless child support is involved, then you could have two. Child support takes precedence over any other garnishment and will be the base to determine if more monies can be taken out for another garnishment.

How much will my employer take out of my check if I have a garnishment?
Your employer is required to take 25% (1/4) of your net income. Net is determined by taking your gross wages (hours x rate of pay) and subtracting the 4 mandatory taxes.

Why have they taken more money out of my check than the original amount owed?
The Plaintiff is legally allowed to continue to charge interest until the garnishment is paid. The Sheriff’s office also charges fee’s on each check that is received by the employer. These fees are paid additionally to the original judgment amount.

How do I evict someone from my house or rental property?
Contact Court Assistance and ask for an Unlawful Detainer packet. This will include a 3 day notice and the paperwork to start an eviction. It will have further instructions on how to proceed. The Sheriff’s office will serve any of the paperwork for a fee of $40.00 each time a document is served.

How can I get a Deputy to assist me in acquiring my property that is in someone else’s possession?
A Deputy cannot assist anyone in retrieving property unless they have an Order from the Court. This can be in a form of a Writ or an Order signed by the judge. Contact Court Assistance for more information regarding how to proceed on getting the necessary paperwork from the Court.

Can the Sheriff’s Office give legal advice?
No. The Sheriff’s Office can not provide legal advice. If you need information regarding a legal problem you should contact an attorney, local bar association, or a legal aid service. The Sheriff’s Office can only advise and inform parties as to those procedures and policies related to the Sheriff’s Office.

Can the Sheriff’s Office serve at a P.O. Box?
No. you must provide a physical address including zip code.

Can you call and notify me when papers have been served?
No. With the large volume of papers served by the Civil Section, it would be impossible to call all parties after service has been made. Proper return of service will be made.