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How do I bond someone out?
Bonds are made at the Twin Falls County Courts Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. All other times bonds are made at the Twin Falls County Jail. If you know the amount of the bond you may pay it in cash plus a ten dollar Sheriff’s fee, or you may hire an approved bonding company

Can an inmate receive packages?
No. Packages can not be dropped off or mailed to the jail. An inmate may receive letters through the U.S. Postal service only. Put the inmates name on the envelope to P.O. Box 306 Twin Falls, Id. 83303. If anything not authorized is sent in, it will be placed on the inmate’s property until they are released.

What is allowed to be brought into the inmates by family and friends?
Inmates are not allowed to be brought anything in from the outside. They are afforded the opportunity to order hygiene products, writing materials, and food items off of the commissary. If an inmate does not have any money on their books we provide them with hygiene products and writing material, they are allowed two (2) indigent letters a week

Can an inmate release things from the jail?
Inmates are allowed to release there personal property but not their cloths. Cloths are not allowed to be released in case the person gets released they will have something to wear. If the inmate is released to the state or another jail, the inmate will fill out a property release form and someone will then have to pick up the property or it will be donated to charity.

Does the jail have court dates for inmates?
The jail will have some court dates, but not neccesarily all of them. Court dates get changed frequently, so the courts should be contacted to get up to date times for court. You may contact the courts at (208) 736- 4029.

Can inmates make phone calls while in jail?
Inmates are allowed to make several phone calls from the booking area at the time of booking to allow the opportunity to bond out, contact their attorney, or let someone know were they are at. Once they are placed in their cell unit, they have access to a phone within the cell block. These phones are for collect outgoing calls only. The phones in the cells are on from 9:00am to 10:30pm.

Can medication be brought into the inmates from family or friends?
No. All medication must go through Dicks Pharmacy. If there is a question on medication issues you may contact the medical staff at (208) 736-4124.

How can I find out if there is an inmate in jail?
To find out if there is an inmate in custody you may call (208) 734-9090 and select #2. Also, you can go to "MEDIA" on the main menu and find a list there. Please note the time listed on the document, and that the list is updated only once a day in the morning.

What is the jail capacity for inmates?
The jail can hold up to 224 inmates, not all of those beds are usable at all times. 72 of those beds are for special program and low classification inmates.

What activities are inmates allowed while incarcerated?
Inmates are allowed to participate in the GED, narcotics anonymous, alcoholics anonymous, & religious programs. They have to meet a certain classification in order to be able to participate in these programs. Our GED program is run through the College of Southern Idaho. The religious program is strictly a non-denominational service. We would like to be able to add more programming but due to lack of funding and inadequate space it makes it difficult.

How to find out about paying off charges for being incarcerated?
You may contact 736-4079 to find out if you owe the county for housing charges, medical charges or anything else while incarcerated.